Hire iPhone App Developer to Develop Your Own Video Editor App like VideoShop in just 2 Weeks

Joseph Riquelme has graduated from the University of California in 2016. He worked in the semiconductor industry for 5 years before he taken a chance and pursuing his entrepreneurship full-time. Since, he found his new passion in video editing products and thus, Videoshop is born.

With video editing application, he wants that people explore their creativity and create movies inside a relatively user-friendly interface without dealing with a template format. By far, Videoshop, a video editing application, is the best app than Animoto, Magisto and Nutshell.

How to Use Videoshop App?

Videoshop is an easy-to-use video editor app, allows to start a new movie or load an old one. Just like we create video editing app Slide.show make.r, this application also has features to add narration, sound effects, music, render the movie in slow/fast motion, add filters and many more things. People can have an excellent collection of titles, and can add text to the parts of their created movies.

Multiple videos can be combined to create a complete movie with six included transitions to place between scenes. The final masterpiece can be shared through Instagram, email, YouTube, Vine, or Facebook.

Have a look at this video by Luria, a video host at Geeks University, reviewed Videoshop on YouTube.

Videoshop is one of the best examples of Video Recording and Video Editing App Development, available on Android for free and on iOS & Windows at a minimal cost of $1.99. To use this application in iOS devices, you require iOS 6.0 or later, and it is optimized for the iPhone 5.

Below listed are remarkable features of this application for every platform.

  • Trim allows cutting out any unwanted moments. Even, users can also split their videos into multiple clips.
  • Users can adjust video or audio speed with Slow motion or fast motion
  • Share the created video on Dropbox, Vine, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Vimeo, WhatsApp or by E-mail.
  • With Sound effects, users can choose a variety of sounds like animals’ noise, farts, Vine quotes, explosions, laughter, etc.
  • Add Music from the iPod library or Buy Clips from the Videomall.
  • Record your own voice and put it over the video with Voice Overs.
  • Users can also introduce their videos with Animated Titles.
  • Use photos to create your own personalize slideshows
  • Users can able to create Vine videos with stop motion recording
  • Enhance Your Video using Several Filters
  • Playback videos in Reverse mode.
  • Copy Video to Create duplicate clips
  • Add depth to your videos with Tilt Shift.
  • Rotate videos in 90 degree angles.
  • Users can Undo any slippery editing mistakes.
  • Choose from 10 different transitions to use in between video clips.
  • Users can merge multiple clips into one.
  • Decorate Video by typing the text with color and various fonts.
  • Rescale video using resize feature within the video frame.

How much does an App like Videoshop Cost?

The cost of iPhone App Development for Videoshop depends on the functionality and nature of an application. Without looking at the exact details of app development requirements, it would be difficult to predict the cost. However, there are certain factors that go into the development cost.

  • Development language, technical skills, and experience of iOS developer
  • The complexity of the project requirements
  • The size and version of app development
  • The geographic location of hired developer (Indian developers are affordable to hire)

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