How to Make Your Own Emoji App like Trending MojiMaker?

In 2016, we have seen dramatic trends reshape the social media and digital marketing landscape.

We have seen new social platforms, fresh trends in personal branding and more developments in live streaming.

Most importantly, we have seen emojis in texts, news stories, ads, on social media, and Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year list and almost everywhere. Even, Oxford Dictionary crowned an emoji, as the word of the year in 2015.

Since Apple added an emoji keyboard to iOS in 2011, emoji usage accounted for nearly 50% of all text on the photo-sharing platform.

On Instagram, emoji are becoming a valid and near-universal method of expression in all languages, wrote Thomas Dimson, a software engineer on the Instagram Data Team.

Nowadays, emojis have become a majority part of communication and used for expressing emotion that makes easy for users to understand and monitor and sometimes, use it in their messaging.

There are almost 13 celebrities, including Amber rose, Justin Bieber, Stephen Curry,  who jumped on the custom emoji trend and have created their own new emoji app. Celeb emoji apps and keyboards have been the hot trends ever since Kim Kardashian launched her Kimoji app in December 2015 and made huge money.

However, now the trend has changed. People are moving towards to create their own emoji maker application.

MojiMaker app allows users to create your own emojis. Users can create their own customized emojis from thousands of hilarious designs and effortlessly put them together in our emoji builder.

Download MojiMaker app and create the unlimited collection of personalized emojis to convey your emotions. In this emoji app, you will see thousands of designs like Yellow Faces, Eyes, Eyebrows, Hands, Noses, Mouths, hairs Poo, Alien, Animals and more.  

Develop emoji app like Mojimaker with lots of amazing features:

  •         Fully customizable, pinch to resize, move, layer, flip and more.
  •         Brilliant HD graphics made from scratch
  •         Sync to Moji app to send creations from keyboard
  •         Save to gallery + edit existing designs
  •         Send in most apps as emoji or sticker size

Emojis become successful when it is used after knowing the proper audience. When it comes to getting feedback from users, emojis offer a user-friendly experience and are easy to analyze. One of the clients wanted to develop automotive emoji app in Swift.

We have developed TunerMoji app that works all types of messaging applications. In this emoji application, we have added 300 tuner emojis and stickers. Our iPhone app developer also integrates QWERTY keyboard for an easy messaging facility.

Want to create your own emoji app like MojiMaker or TunerMoji, hire dedicated developers from Space-O at flexible hiring packages.


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