Convert Your Android App idea into a Reality within Just 2 months and Earn Real Money

The use of mobile apps grew by 130% in 2016 and the average user downloads 8.8 apps per months.

Android app can be developed to promote your product/service or for any other reason. An app is one of the best marketing tools to drive traffic and revenue.

So, to develop Android app is a good idea. Android app is written in Java programming and it required the help of professional android app developers.

However, before planning to hire Android app developer to convert your android app idea into a reality, consider these steps.

Step 1: Clearly Note Down Your Android App Idea

Clearly Note Down Your Android App Idea

Firstly, you have to research popular apps and find out what unique feature they have.
Write your own app idea and do a keyword search and traffic estimator by using the Google Keyword Planner tool. It gives an idea about the phrase people are searching.


Based on your idea and keywords, develop a minimum viable product (MVP) or a prototype.

The main purpose of developing an MVP is to give a quick idea of the problem that you are trying to solve through this application.

The minimum viable product could be a PowerPoint slide presentation, a landing page or a dialogue box. Generally, MVP can develop in a week.

Landing Page

Although you don’t have an app, want to get customers to register then landing pages are your best friend.

It would be good to create a teaser or promotional landing page that highlights the main plan of your startup.

You have to ensure to create something your customer wants.

Step 2: How to Validate it? Before Anyone Develops it.

Everyone has an app idea, not the coding skills. It would be great to propose a design-based approach to start your own app development.

First of all, explain your idea in an easy format. Draw sketches and explain it through the words. It is best to convert your idea from abstract concepts into ‘tangible’ images.

It doesn’t mean anything, ‘What you are thinking about your idea?’ The only thing is what customers think.

“Until you make a money, all you have is an idea.”

Let’s say: Emojis are used to express emotion in all languages. If you are tired of expressing yourself with old emojis, there are a new collection of emojis available at app store. The idea of communicating through emojis become popular among users and businesses, as users can communicate easily and businesses earn through in-app purchases and advertising.

Step 3: Do You Know How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App?

If you want to develop customized & robust android application, then checking out this infographic will give you an idea about an average development time needed to develop an android app, hourly rates, and features on which the android app development cost depends.


We have seen the change in the approach of android app development with the development of technology. There is no wrong way to develop any application, however, the approach you choose should depend on your needs like the platform you target, features to integrate, device compatibility and so on.

Step 4: Finding Enough Funding

There are many ways to get enough funding. Here, we have listed four of them:

Search for a bank loan

Generally, it won’t happen for a new startup unless you have a good credit history or assets that you’re willing to put at risk for collateral.

You may find the Small Business Administration (SBA) in the US that offers you infusions of cash without normal backup requirements.

Negotiate an Advance from a Customer or Strategic Partner

You have to search a major customer or complimentary business, who values your idea and ready to invest on it by giving an advance on royalty payments to complete the development part.

You may see variations in white-labeling agreements or early licensing.

Apply to Local Angel Investor Groups

There are groups of local high-net-worth individuals in the most of the cities, who are interested in supporting startups and willing to associate amounts up to millions of dollars for those startups, who have a good idea.

Online platforms like Gust helps startups to find investors and local networking to search that relates to your startup industry.

Fund Yourself

As the cost to start a business are quite low, 90% of startups are bootstrapping, that means they are self-funded.

It may take somewhat longer to save money before you start but grow gradually. However, if you are funding yourself, you don’t have to give any equity or control. You are the sole owner of your business.

Step 5: Finding Best App Development Company to Execute It

It is advisable to hire Android developer from trusted and certified company. A knowledgeable android developer shows interest in your business, not just only the development.

Hiring a good development company guides you through the whole android app development process and also gives you genuine input based on their experience with similar apps, so we do at Space-O.

Power of Portfolio

Hiring an experienced android developer must have an excellent UI/UX skills. So, when you explore android developer’s portfolio, check out such apps that have excellent User Interface.


You can check developer’s feedback that they received from their clients. Like, we got from video feedback from our reputed clients. See below.

So, this is a simple yet effective guide to convert your app idea into an android application and earn maximum. If you have any query regarding android app development, contact Space-O Technologies today.


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