Why and When You Should Consider Re-designing UI and UX for your iOS App?

If you’re using a smartphone (Android or iOS), then you’ve probably noticed that you often get app update notifications in your phone for your existing applications. But, have you ever wondered why they (the developers) keep updating their applications even if their users are not facing any major problems or even if the app is working fine?

Well, most people don’t know it, but App updates are one of the best marketing tools that App developers use to increase their app users.


By releasing regular app updates, you can keep your app on top of your users’ mind because it will show up in the update list in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Another reason is, both Google Play Store and Apple App Store likes to see app updates, especially with their major OS releases. Therefore, it is important to launch app updates during major OS launch days.

In addition to this, there are various other reasons why you should redesign app for iOS 7 and they are as follow.

#1: Your App Lacks Better Personalization

Better personalization is about offering customized communication to your app users depending on their interests, usage behavior and more.

So, by redesigning your iOS app, you can let your users set up their own preferences so that you can serve customized content to them. Moreover, mobile apps are also capable of identifying user’s location and offer geographic-specific contents.

All in all, you can not only improve the user experience of your iOS app, but you can also improve the conversion rate of your app.

#2: Your App Might Looks Outdated

If you haven’t followed latest trends of UX/UI design in your iOS application, then the look and feel of your app will look outdated, which is a huge drawback. The reason is, it creates situations where the users think your app is too old due to the poor design of your iOS app. And, this basically leads to a loss of potential users, which nobody wants, right? So, my point is, make sure that you implement iOS 10 redesign so that you can cope up with the latest iOS app design trends.

#3: Your App Needs To Improve Its Quality

Apple rolls out new technologies for obvious reasons right? Reasons like to advance and improve the platform for both, your app users and you (the developer). And, a clean refresh of your app means you can take benefits from all the Apple’s built-in elements so that you can gradually improve architecture, stability, and responsiveness. And, it will make your iOS app more adaptive as you will redesign your app for large devices such as new iPad Pro.

#4:  Your App Needs Bug Fixes

This is one of the most common reasons why you (the developer) needs to re-design UI/UX of your iOS app. Generally, it’s required when your users face difficulties using your application. And, if you are not re-designing your iOS app, it can lead to drop of app users.

No matter how much user or beta testing you (the developer) do, before launching your app, there are always going to be some problems, issues or bugs that will only show up when it’s being used widely. Therefore, it is important that you fix the bugs that have been submitted by users in form of complaints, and release a new update solving the same issue. Not only it will improve your iOS app, but it will also gain the trust of your app users that you’re committed to your app.

Bottom line is, you should always and always implement new designs with latest design trends so that chances of loss of your app users stay minimal. Additionally, if you’re looking to hire iPhone App Developer, you can contact Space-O technologies to re-design and remove bugs of your iOS app.  



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