7 Ways to Avoid Android App Store Rejection

Imagine, you have developed your awesome application and you are ready to publish it.

Have concerned that your submission might be rejected from the Google Play Store? or Has your app removed from Play Store?

If your application is for Android, you probably know that Google Play rejects your submission due to bugs or non-compliant design features or many other things.

In addition, if you are re-submitting your application for approval, it will consume your time and would be expensive (especially when you change the design).

So, why do apps get rejected from the app store? Some of you don’t know. Here, we are providing you tips that avoid Android app store rejection.

Add App Metadata

It is must provide more information about your app to push it into the stores. With Metadata, one can provide app’s supplementary information that required running on the device. And, you should make sure that the metadata is correct before pushing it to the App Store.


Use professional Language

It is necessary that your app language should be professional and interactive enough to catch the audience’s attention. As you are connecting with a huge audience, you should use simple and professional language for a smooth interaction.

Test Your App

It is advisable to test your application. If your application is not tested well or crash, it doesn’t push it to the App Store. Before submitting to the App Store, you have to ensure that your application doesn’t crash in any circumstance.

Additionally, if you are submitting an app at Windows Store, it is best to test your app in both light and dark themes.

Add Privacy Policies

If your application includes user logins, then you should include privacy policies that specify that the login information is used only for the sole purpose of using an application, not in an adverse manner.

Never Copy App’s Basic Functionality:

If you have developed a similar application that already available on Google Play Store, then they are supposed to reject, as duplicate apps are not allowed.

So, it is recommended to develop an android app with your unique ideas. Moreover, it should be developed form from scratch without any copy paste.

Follow the Design Guidelines


You have to make sure that your app functions consistent with design guidelines for the Android app store. For example: if your app refers to automate the rating systems or third-party payment system, then it will not be listed.

Don’t Provide Demo Apps

Mobile apps with minimum functionality have less preference than those that provide an ease to get work done or accomplish the task for what the application was used.

Using these tips, an android app developer can easily avoid rejection. Apart from this, if you have more tips that help android developers to face app rejection, let us know through a comment.

We have experienced android app developers to develop an application without any rejection. If you have any android app development idea in your mind, hire android app developer from Space-O Technologies.


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