How Pokemon Go Will Change The World of Mobile Application Development (And How to Cope Up With The Change?)

Everyone is familiar with the latest buzz of “Pokemon Go” right? But, do you have any idea about how it’s going to change the mobile world? In fact, a few of mobile app development company has started using the same technology like Pokemon Go to develop GPS-based games.

Well, up till now, most mobile applications and games had a finite potential, which means capabilities and abilities of mobile apps & games were limited. And then, the “Pokemon Go” happened and changed the whole definition of the mobile app development.

For those who don’t know, Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality (AR) game in which, you need to explore nearby places in the real world to catch Pokemon.


However, to cope up with this new change in the mobile application development, you have to think of an idea in which, you can roll out AR features in your application/game. One of the main reasons why Pokemon Go gained so much popularity and become top grossing application in just couple of days is because of the interaction of altered real world with the digital world. This interaction led to unlimited potential.

On top of this, the layer of augmented reality relies on the GPS technology, at which we excel at Space-O technologies because we have catered to the many segments of travel industry by developing creative tour app guides.

Another reason for the success of Pokemon Go app is the social element. Even though you cannot really be friends with other players and chat with them through the game, but you can commit to a team that promotes instant bonding between players. And, such social elements have now become an essential factor to include in the mobile apps nowadays because they make a big difference to people by allowing them to share the game with other people in their circle. Therefore, you should too add such social elements like these to your feature-list of your own app.

Mobile application development, be it an IOS app or Android App, especially the complex mobile apps aren’t easy. But, the Pokemon Go has showed that it is possible and it can be done. And, just like Pokemon Go, you can too enter the market with apps that are complex, yet enjoyable with all above mentioned features. And, if you’ve already got the idea and looking for more information about costing and approx. estimated time to develop an app like Pokemon Go, you can contact us here. We have the strategies that will help you build an everlasting relationships with your users/customers for the years to come.   


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