Apple Secretly Started Developing iPhone Video Sharing and Editing Application

Apple Inc. has secretly started developing a video sharing and editing application like Snapchat to catch up the popularity of social networks that put video first. Right now, the company is testing the new features of its app for iPhone and iPad devices.

According to some people familiar with Apple’s strategy, Apple is focusing on integrating social networking applications into it’s mobile products. Apple believes that social networking applications are a response to the success of social media-focused companies such as Facebook Inc. and Snapchat Inc. However, a spokeswoman for Apple declined to comment on this.

Apple’s growth in hardware business is slowing, so Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is now seeking for opportunities in the company’s services business as a way to increase Apple’s revenue. In the past, Apple has failed to launch social media services, including iTunes-focused social network called Ping in 2010.

Apple is looking to create its own features to remain relevant, especially for young users, as Snapchat and Facebook’s Instagram and Messenger apps grow over Apple’s iOS mobile operating system.

Why Video Recording/Editing App?



Apple is working on a video editing and recording application that would be similar to an app like Snapchat. This application is supposed to be easy to use for video recording, and users will be able to swipe between different filters and can also add drawings with ease.

Apple’s main aim is to provide video app that creates and edit video on iphone within a minute. Just like we, at Space-O, developed an app named Slideshow make.r, that creates video from photos within few minutes.

Apple’s video editing app also have a filter of Instagram-sized square, so we can say that it is a combination of both, good editing app and Instagram video app. The ultimate hope is that people would use the app, which is being developed by the same people, who have developed iMovie and Final Cut Pro to create the content & share with other social networks.

As Apple’s new iPhone is failing to meet the sales expectations quarter after quarter, so changing the focus to services business instead of hardware business is making more sense now.  


However, if you expect that apple will double down on existing sales, then services like Music, Apple Pay, and iTunes can be potentially profitable instead of diving into social, where Facebook and Snapchat lead on the top.

Apple could supposedly select to restrain the new social functionality yet again in coming year. Irrespective, the video app development suggests the growing importance of social networking to the company. This renewed push of video editing apps for iPad and iPhone relies heavily on video that enables Apple to leverage its latest camera technology like a dual-lens system with more advanced zoom in the next iPhone.

Well, we will have to wait till the launch of next iPhone to find out the truth. Meanwhile, if you are thinking to develop best editing application with basic and more advanced functionality like filters, record video, drawings and so on, you can hire iPhone app developer from reputed mobile app development company.  


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