Uber & Visa Launch ‘Local Offers’ to Compete Google, Who Expands Waze for Carpooling

Uber with Visa has announced the launch of a new rewards program, Local Offers’ that will credit Uber users with free rides at nearby businesses. “Local Offers” gives you one “Uber point” for each dollar spent at a business by using the Visa card, which is saved in user’s Uber account. When the user collects 100 points, he/she will get a free ride up to $10.

How Users Find Local Offers?

Local Offers is a permanent marketing campaign, but the feature is developed into the Uber mobile application, right above the “Promotions” section in the left-side menu.

Uber Local Offers

From this menu, riders can easily see a list of participating places, where they can enroll in the program by earning Uber point. Also, they can track their progress and points. Rider will see the increase point balance immediately upon swiping at the merchant, as Uber has partnered with Visa on the new loyalty product.  

This system is powered by Visa’s “Commerce Network”, which is offers and loyalty platform that connect transactions between merchants. It removes things like paper coupons or other redemption schemes that qualifying purchases at POS can be applied directly to cardholders’ accounts.

There is already a tight connection between Uber and its own company as Visa notes. Cardholders spend over $144 billion per year in physical stores with $2 billion of that happen as soon as a rider steps out of an Uber.

Visa also aims to boost with Local Offers that spending even further that allows local businesses to acquire new customers, drive loyalty, and increase sales. Local Offers is debuting in L.A. and San Francisco and includes participating businesses like Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, Mixt Greens, Peet’s Coffee, Barcito, Delarosa, Ike’s, PizzaRev, Specialty’s Café & Bakery, Super Duper, The Pie Hole, Uno Dos Tacos, Veggie Grill, and Wurstküche.

Drew Quinn, product manager at Uber, in a statement,

We’ve built Local Offers right into the Uber app, making it a one-stop shop for riders to see our curated list of places and track progress toward free rides. We’re excited to partner with Visa to help riders get even more out of their experience shopping and dining at the places they love, and the local favorites they’ve yet to try.

To Compete with Uber, Google Expands Waze to Include Carpooling

Google is the modern player to toss its car keys into the ring. The high-tech firm started a limited test in May of a carpooling project in its home base in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is expanding that venture that relies on Google’s Waze smartphone app.

The carpooling project could create a future outlet for Google because it pushes forward with its aggressive independent vehicle development program. One indication is the tech firm’s possible plans come with the decision by David Drummond to leave from Uber’s board of directors. Previously, Drummond had been the chairman of Alphabet GV.

Google offers the service to only “a select group of employers” near San Francisco, including Adobe Systems, Wal-Mart and to employees at Google, when it launched its carpooling venture back in May.

Google’s project was different from Uber but is for taxi alternative. By using Waze app, people could connect with other travelers, who might be heading in the same direction and willing to offer ride-sharing like Uber app is offering. They have planned to pay a small fee, which is up to 54 cents a mile to cover gas and vehicle depreciation. An app like Uber, Waze app’s program is now opening up to all commuters in the Bay Area.

Kelley Blue Book analyst Michael Harley said: “Considering that Waze reportedly has more than 50 million users, Google is arguably more knowledgeable — and has more insight — towards driving habits than any other company on the planet.

Markedly, Google hasn’t been charging for the ride-sharing service. However, its main aim to expand its service to other markets. It’s clear that tech firm is looking to play a role in the rapidly changing transportation industry.

Like Google, there are many businesses thinking to setup ride-sharing business like Uber. Other side, Uber is expanding its service by introducing new service in it. Competition holding down fares and increase rivals for on-demand taxi booking app, Uber. Let’s see how Uber competes with them and stay in the first place.

Meanwhile, if you want to give competition to Uber, you can also hire dedicated developer to develop app like Uber.


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