Features of Mechanical Keyboard App that Helps in Making Real Money

Introduction to Mechanical Keyboard App

Introducing for the first time, Mechanical Keyboard for Android. Writer Keyboard allows you to have an experience like PC keyboard on your small device screen.


Unique features it came up with:

  • LED indicators for CAPS, NUM, POWER.
  • RGB Backlit Effect.
  • Simple Customisation
  • Modifier Keys: Shift, Num for Symbols instantly accessible.
  • Click-Clack Sound Effect just like Real Mechanical Keyboard.
  • Looks and Theme of a Traditional Old Mechanical Keyboard.
  • Extra Large Keyboard in Landscape Mode and Tablets
  • Swiftkey Typing Response.
  • Traditional Keyboard Layout slightly modified for Mobile use
  • Perfect for Writers, Coders, Programmers of COBOL, PERL, Haskell, Assembly, Reviewers, Journalists, Literature, Analysts that want pure writing experience.
  • One-Click Switch from Google Keyboard to and From, when you want that emoji.
  • The Keyboard of the 70s, 80s, 60s. The old days are back.

An app lets you feel like using Mechanical keyboards and aims to bring back an experience of old days. It is a sort of Mechanical Keyboard Simulator.

Recall those good old days of simple typing where the sound of the key press was replaced by the Membrane silent keypads. Same old days are back with the launching of Mechanical keyboard Android app. Writers, now your wait is over!

Benefits of Mechanical Keyboard Android App

A simple idea changes into an app that adds a lot of benefits to app user. The major advantage is faster speed and felt blissful to type on the keyboard. Such app can be considered as writers app. Other great advantages are:

  • These keyboards are really sensitive and soft touch to work on.
  • Better typing speed compared to normal keyboards.
  • Great benefits to Writers, Coders, Programmers of COBOL, PERL, Haskell, Literature, Journalists, Reviewers, Analysts that want pure writing experience.
  • Due to its LED feature, it helps you to work even in dark room.

How to Grab Money Making Idea?

The app is being inspired from modern IBM Model M and DAS Keyboard. The company simply converted physical Mechanical keyboards into an app. This idea became truly a game changer for market.

This writer’s’ app is the best example of how you can be with current trends and make money from apps. You just need to observe your surroundings to grab an idea and that idea can be converted into an app. This adds an innovative feature to make your app outstanding among the other apps.

What Stops You from Converting Your App Idea into a Reality?

To convert your app idea into reality, you require support from professional mobile app development company. The things that stops you from converting an app idea into reality can be:

  • How to execute your idea?
  • Confuse to choose right development company?
  • What will be total cost for development?
  • Will your budget meet the require?
  • Will your app idea will return in business success

There are many such questions that stops you to modify your app idea into reality. Contact us, we can help you to provide complete solution to switch your app idea into reality. As Space-O is one of the leading Android App Development Company and has successfully delivered 1500+ mobile apps, holding 6+ years of experience and can craft your idea beyond your thoughts.

About Space-O

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