How Pokemon Go Will Change The World of Mobile Application Development (And How to Cope Up With The Change?)

Everyone is familiar with the latest buzz of “Pokemon Go” right? But, do you have any idea about how it’s going to change the mobile world? In fact, a few of mobile app development company has started using the same technology like Pokemon Go to develop GPS-based games.

Well, up till now, most mobile applications and games had a finite potential, which means capabilities and abilities of mobile apps & games were limited. And then, the “Pokemon Go” happened and changed the whole definition of the mobile app development.

For those who don’t know, Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality (AR) game in which, you need to explore nearby places in the real world to catch Pokemon.


However, to cope up with this new change in the mobile application development, you have to think of an idea in which, you can roll out AR features in your application/game. One of the main reasons why Pokemon Go gained so much popularity and become top grossing application in just couple of days is because of the interaction of altered real world with the digital world. This interaction led to unlimited potential.

On top of this, the layer of augmented reality relies on the GPS technology, at which we excel at Space-O technologies because we have catered to the many segments of travel industry by developing creative tour app guides.

Another reason for the success of Pokemon Go app is the social element. Even though you cannot really be friends with other players and chat with them through the game, but you can commit to a team that promotes instant bonding between players. And, such social elements have now become an essential factor to include in the mobile apps nowadays because they make a big difference to people by allowing them to share the game with other people in their circle. Therefore, you should too add such social elements like these to your feature-list of your own app.

Mobile application development, be it an IOS app or Android App, especially the complex mobile apps aren’t easy. But, the Pokemon Go has showed that it is possible and it can be done. And, just like Pokemon Go, you can too enter the market with apps that are complex, yet enjoyable with all above mentioned features. And, if you’ve already got the idea and looking for more information about costing and approx. estimated time to develop an app like Pokemon Go, you can contact us here. We have the strategies that will help you build an everlasting relationships with your users/customers for the years to come.   

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7 Ways to Avoid Android App Store Rejection

Imagine, you have developed your awesome application and you are ready to publish it.

Have concerned that your submission might be rejected from the Google Play Store? or Has your app removed from Play Store?

If your application is for Android, you probably know that Google Play rejects your submission due to bugs or non-compliant design features or many other things.

In addition, if you are re-submitting your application for approval, it will consume your time and would be expensive (especially when you change the design).

So, why do apps get rejected from the app store? Some of you don’t know. Here, we are providing you tips that avoid Android app store rejection.

Add App Metadata

It is must provide more information about your app to push it into the stores. With Metadata, one can provide app’s supplementary information that required running on the device. And, you should make sure that the metadata is correct before pushing it to the App Store.


Use professional Language

It is necessary that your app language should be professional and interactive enough to catch the audience’s attention. As you are connecting with a huge audience, you should use simple and professional language for a smooth interaction.

Test Your App

It is advisable to test your application. If your application is not tested well or crash, it doesn’t push it to the App Store. Before submitting to the App Store, you have to ensure that your application doesn’t crash in any circumstance.

Additionally, if you are submitting an app at Windows Store, it is best to test your app in both light and dark themes.

Add Privacy Policies

If your application includes user logins, then you should include privacy policies that specify that the login information is used only for the sole purpose of using an application, not in an adverse manner.

Never Copy App’s Basic Functionality:

If you have developed a similar application that already available on Google Play Store, then they are supposed to reject, as duplicate apps are not allowed.

So, it is recommended to develop an android app with your unique ideas. Moreover, it should be developed form from scratch without any copy paste.

Follow the Design Guidelines


You have to make sure that your app functions consistent with design guidelines for the Android app store. For example: if your app refers to automate the rating systems or third-party payment system, then it will not be listed.

Don’t Provide Demo Apps

Mobile apps with minimum functionality have less preference than those that provide an ease to get work done or accomplish the task for what the application was used.

Using these tips, an android app developer can easily avoid rejection. Apart from this, if you have more tips that help android developers to face app rejection, let us know through a comment.

We have experienced android app developers to develop an application without any rejection. If you have any android app development idea in your mind, hire android app developer from Space-O Technologies.

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Why and When You Should Consider Re-designing UI and UX for your iOS App?

If you’re using a smartphone (Android or iOS), then you’ve probably noticed that you often get app update notifications in your phone for your existing applications. But, have you ever wondered why they (the developers) keep updating their applications even if their users are not facing any major problems or even if the app is working fine?

Well, most people don’t know it, but App updates are one of the best marketing tools that App developers use to increase their app users.


By releasing regular app updates, you can keep your app on top of your users’ mind because it will show up in the update list in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Another reason is, both Google Play Store and Apple App Store likes to see app updates, especially with their major OS releases. Therefore, it is important to launch app updates during major OS launch days.

In addition to this, there are various other reasons why you should redesign app for iOS 7 and they are as follow.

#1: Your App Lacks Better Personalization

Better personalization is about offering customized communication to your app users depending on their interests, usage behavior and more.

So, by redesigning your iOS app, you can let your users set up their own preferences so that you can serve customized content to them. Moreover, mobile apps are also capable of identifying user’s location and offer geographic-specific contents.

All in all, you can not only improve the user experience of your iOS app, but you can also improve the conversion rate of your app.

#2: Your App Might Looks Outdated

If you haven’t followed latest trends of UX/UI design in your iOS application, then the look and feel of your app will look outdated, which is a huge drawback. The reason is, it creates situations where the users think your app is too old due to the poor design of your iOS app. And, this basically leads to a loss of potential users, which nobody wants, right? So, my point is, make sure that you implement iOS 10 redesign so that you can cope up with the latest iOS app design trends.

#3: Your App Needs To Improve Its Quality

Apple rolls out new technologies for obvious reasons right? Reasons like to advance and improve the platform for both, your app users and you (the developer). And, a clean refresh of your app means you can take benefits from all the Apple’s built-in elements so that you can gradually improve architecture, stability, and responsiveness. And, it will make your iOS app more adaptive as you will redesign your app for large devices such as new iPad Pro.

#4:  Your App Needs Bug Fixes

This is one of the most common reasons why you (the developer) needs to re-design UI/UX of your iOS app. Generally, it’s required when your users face difficulties using your application. And, if you are not re-designing your iOS app, it can lead to drop of app users.

No matter how much user or beta testing you (the developer) do, before launching your app, there are always going to be some problems, issues or bugs that will only show up when it’s being used widely. Therefore, it is important that you fix the bugs that have been submitted by users in form of complaints, and release a new update solving the same issue. Not only it will improve your iOS app, but it will also gain the trust of your app users that you’re committed to your app.

Bottom line is, you should always and always implement new designs with latest design trends so that chances of loss of your app users stay minimal. Additionally, if you’re looking to hire iPhone App Developer, you can contact Space-O technologies to re-design and remove bugs of your iOS app.  


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How to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company for Your Next Project?

So, you are searching for the best mobile app development company, right?

It’s easy to hire dedicated developer, but finding the right app development company is a bit difficult.

Choosing partner with whom you can design or develop a mobile app is not an easy decision. You have come across many questions like:

  • Which mobile app development company do you hire?
  • How you evaluate potential partners?
  • What’s their development process?



All of these are important things to note.

There are many signals to evaluate that shows a mobile app development company actually works like whether they can deliver a project on time or not, what’s the pricing and so on.

As there is a high demand for mobile app development service, it’s become very difficult to find experienced app developer. So, sometimes we can choose inexperienced or unqualified one.

How to avoid this?

If you are searching for an ideal mobile application development company, you have to come across many criteria that can help you choose the finest app developer.

Ability to Deliver Project On Time

It’s simple: Can your application development partner deliver certain phase of your project on committed time? If yes, then it’s good.

But, if it doesn’t ship on time, then it is a hardest hitting thing in terms of money and opportunity.

You need to ensure that you are spending thousands of dollars on them to create your mobile application.

Here, at Space-O, we have entire dedicated mobile app development team to deliver a project on time. We have dedicated Product Managers and Delivery Head, who connected with the clients to ensure project delivery on-time.

Whether they deliver White-label App or a Fully Custom App

There are many mobile app development agencies will reskin a white-label app, and sometimes, it changes it according to the client’s requirements. This may be completely okay for some companies – many apps for trade shows or conference can be white labeled since they pretty much all need the same functionality.

This may be best for such companies, who want to save app development cost, but ultimately, it doesn’t suit to individual requirement. Check this Infographic on app development cost around the world.


Around 99% of companies are hiring developers for custom app design and development service, as they think choosing less expensive white label solution costs more at the end. So, it would be great to go for custom mobile app development to build an app with specific requirements.

What’s App Development Process Following?

Does the company’s process make sure that your application will be delivered on committed time?

This is most important when you are in mid-project. A good company like Space-O will have their own defined app development process, where they will be able to identify that project’s track and all related things.

App development process is important, as it not makes sure that your app delivers by the deadline, but also develops in the right ways. We have a massive kickoff session where we define the product and its features.

After that point, we then begin with designing and developing part of an app.


It would be hard to suppose that how any app could turn out the way it was planned without continuous and authentic communication. It is quite difficult for any mobile app development to update its clients with a daily status report. Mobile app developers should use effective means of communication such as Skype calls, and email to update clients about the project and other development things.

Bug testing


A buggy application is frustrating and hard-to-use by users. Buggy applications ruin the user’s experience and hurt brand’s image in the market.

Manual app testing is time-consuming. However, you can save time with automated QA processes that proficiently remove bugs and memory leaks. On-device testing and beta testing required to be done to check the memory, performance, and usability issues.

It is best to engage an app development company to avoid compromising the user experience of your customers. Mobile app development company has all the available hardware and software needed device to provide bug-free applications.

Hiring a mobile app development company to develop iOS or android app is a difficult decision. If you make a mistake, it may cost you twice of development. So, it is best to hire professional mobile app development service provider, checking their past work, client’s testimonials, etc. It will provide you the clear idea about the app developer’s skills, app development process, and on-time delivery.

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Famous iOS Photo and Video Apps(Updated for iOS 9)

“The best camera is the one you have with you” – that’s not true. The saying being that when the perfect scene arises, any camera is better than no camera.

Since most of us are carrying smartphones with us, we know no other camera clicks better than iPhone. The newly-launched iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are powerful like the point-and-shoots of past.

Even, the latest release has ultra-HD 4K video recording to wow its audience. Having a collection of latest iOS video and photo apps render device to make more versatile.

Here, we have listed some of the best photo and video apps for iPhone that allows users to shoot, edit, or organize their photos with just a few clicks.



Prisma is one of the most popular iOS photo editing applications that makes every user crazy. Recently launched an app, Prisma becomes the most downloading app in last few days with more than 1 million downloading daily.

Prisma iOS app provides the artistic look to your photos with ease. Users just have to choose the image from the camera rolls, after that crop it and select one of the filters, including mosaic, impression, and gothic to apply. An App like Prisma offers a huge number of artistic filters that includes a separate filter to edit only face and the thumbnail images.



Magisto has widely used iOS app for video editing on smartphones and tablets. This application has almost all feature that usually users find in video editing app.

Magisto app create movies with just a few steps: Add photos and videos >> Choose a theme >> Add Sound >> it’s done.

Available for free, it provides a list of features to its users through in-app purchases.

Slide Show Maker

screen696x6961 make.r is another photo and video editing apps, converting your photos and videos into sensational movies. This photo and video editing app add beautiful animations/transitions and music to users’ photos and videos.

In order to convert your photos and videos into a movie, you just have to choose theme/effects >> Select audio>> Create Stunning Video>> share on social media.

To make a video more stunning, you can easily upload 30+ photos and videos, choose from 20+ transition and effects in the video.



Pixtr is one of the smart iOS photo editing applications that detects and corrects everything in your photo.

This application helps users to eliminate skin blemishes and red eyes and give natural look. Interestingly, it also works in group photos.

Pixtr app also has an option that enables users to set an improved photo as your Facebook profile picture straight from the app.

Even, you can share your picture on Twitter, Facebook or through email.



Perfect365 app makes you app perfect by removing dark circles under your eyes, remove unsightly blemishes from the skin and customize the face (cheekbones, nose, eye, etc.)

This application also has preset makeup templates that provide an instant makeover. It also allows saving customizations to apply to the future selfies.

Users will also find quick share options inside this application to share their pictures to Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter.

These are five remarkable photo and video apps that help to edit photos and create videos from photos. If you have some more interesting application in your mind, share with us through comment.

You may have an idea to develop the photo and video app of your own. If you want to implement your idea into an app and looking for the right iOS video and photo app development service provider, then contact us.

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5 Actionable Tips On How to Develop Android App Securely?

Android rules the smartphone operating system market.

Android operating system is developed with the flexible security controls that ease android app development for developers.

Nonetheless, Android has multi-layer protection to deliver security protection for all users.

Android Multi-layer Security

Life Hacker

Android apps are using both advanced hardware and software, and local and served data to deliver value to the users. In order to protect the value, the platform offers an app environment that makes sure security of a device, network, app, and user.  

However, to add more security in android apps, we have some security tips for Android app development that developers can use anytime, as security should be at the top of their priority list.

1) Validate the Input Fields

Validate Input Field to Develop Android App Developers

Credit: Sitepoint

Android developers shouldn’t predict the threats that happen from the client side injection.

An android application that accepts input is an important factor as any malicious code, which is passed through a text field as input to the apps, can interrupt its full-functioning.

Thus, while going for Android app development, it is necessary for the programmers to have a security testing checklist to validate all the input fields.

DEP and ASLR are some technologies that reduce the impact of such issues on the developed apps.

2)Requesting Permissions

We recommend minimizing the number of permissions that your app requests. The risk of misuse is reduced by not having access to sensitive permissions. It can also enhance user adoption and make an android app that is less susceptible for attackers.

3)Use encrypted communication

It is advisable to use encrypted communication with the backend application server for SSL/TLS use.

As 1024-bit key length is the weaker method of encryption, all the certificates must have a 2048-bit key length. Currently, ‘Certificate Pinning’ is a trendy practice in mobile application development.

4)Always use HTTPS and SSLSocket

Usually, HTTPS should always be used to handle sensitive data like external IOT device commands or personal user data.

There are many mobile users that connect many different public Wi-Fi hotspots that might have rogue individuals with IP packet sniffers like Wireshark. If you are downloading anything through HTTP connections, it should be approached cautiously, as it could have been changed.

This is the primary reason why SSLSockets is good as compared to standard sockets. They give authentication with the end point and encryption of data by using the transport protocol.

Android app developers can check and verify the server’s certificate that they are trying to connect against a hash of what it should be. This prevents DNS alteration attacks, where someone routes traffic to a dummy site on a public access point.

5)Weak server

It is possible that data from the application servers can be hacked.

Do you know how can the responses between the app and server be altered? The reason is most of the Android apps are based on APIs like SOAP API and REST. For this approach, just an API requester will suit.

So, when you start android app development process, it is advisable to use secure coding practices at the server end.

We have covered only 5 major tips. If you think you can add others, do write it down in the comment section.

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Convert Your Android App idea into a Reality within Just 2 months and Earn Real Money

The use of mobile apps grew by 130% in 2016 and the average user downloads 8.8 apps per months.

Android app can be developed to promote your product/service or for any other reason. An app is one of the best marketing tools to drive traffic and revenue.

So, to develop Android app is a good idea. Android app is written in Java programming and it required the help of professional android app developers.

However, before planning to hire Android app developer to convert your android app idea into a reality, consider these steps.

Step 1: Clearly Note Down Your Android App Idea

Clearly Note Down Your Android App Idea

Firstly, you have to research popular apps and find out what unique feature they have.
Write your own app idea and do a keyword search and traffic estimator by using the Google Keyword Planner tool. It gives an idea about the phrase people are searching.


Based on your idea and keywords, develop a minimum viable product (MVP) or a prototype.

The main purpose of developing an MVP is to give a quick idea of the problem that you are trying to solve through this application.

The minimum viable product could be a PowerPoint slide presentation, a landing page or a dialogue box. Generally, MVP can develop in a week.

Landing Page

Although you don’t have an app, want to get customers to register then landing pages are your best friend.

It would be good to create a teaser or promotional landing page that highlights the main plan of your startup.

You have to ensure to create something your customer wants.

Step 2: How to Validate it? Before Anyone Develops it.

Everyone has an app idea, not the coding skills. It would be great to propose a design-based approach to start your own app development.

First of all, explain your idea in an easy format. Draw sketches and explain it through the words. It is best to convert your idea from abstract concepts into ‘tangible’ images.

It doesn’t mean anything, ‘What you are thinking about your idea?’ The only thing is what customers think.

“Until you make a money, all you have is an idea.”

Let’s say: Emojis are used to express emotion in all languages. If you are tired of expressing yourself with old emojis, there are a new collection of emojis available at app store. The idea of communicating through emojis become popular among users and businesses, as users can communicate easily and businesses earn through in-app purchases and advertising.

Step 3: Do You Know How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App?

If you want to develop customized & robust android application, then checking out this infographic will give you an idea about an average development time needed to develop an android app, hourly rates, and features on which the android app development cost depends.


We have seen the change in the approach of android app development with the development of technology. There is no wrong way to develop any application, however, the approach you choose should depend on your needs like the platform you target, features to integrate, device compatibility and so on.

Step 4: Finding Enough Funding

There are many ways to get enough funding. Here, we have listed four of them:

Search for a bank loan

Generally, it won’t happen for a new startup unless you have a good credit history or assets that you’re willing to put at risk for collateral.

You may find the Small Business Administration (SBA) in the US that offers you infusions of cash without normal backup requirements.

Negotiate an Advance from a Customer or Strategic Partner

You have to search a major customer or complimentary business, who values your idea and ready to invest on it by giving an advance on royalty payments to complete the development part.

You may see variations in white-labeling agreements or early licensing.

Apply to Local Angel Investor Groups

There are groups of local high-net-worth individuals in the most of the cities, who are interested in supporting startups and willing to associate amounts up to millions of dollars for those startups, who have a good idea.

Online platforms like Gust helps startups to find investors and local networking to search that relates to your startup industry.

Fund Yourself

As the cost to start a business are quite low, 90% of startups are bootstrapping, that means they are self-funded.

It may take somewhat longer to save money before you start but grow gradually. However, if you are funding yourself, you don’t have to give any equity or control. You are the sole owner of your business.

Step 5: Finding Best App Development Company to Execute It

It is advisable to hire Android developer from trusted and certified company. A knowledgeable android developer shows interest in your business, not just only the development.

Hiring a good development company guides you through the whole android app development process and also gives you genuine input based on their experience with similar apps, so we do at Space-O.

Power of Portfolio

Hiring an experienced android developer must have an excellent UI/UX skills. So, when you explore android developer’s portfolio, check out such apps that have excellent User Interface.


You can check developer’s feedback that they received from their clients. Like, we got from video feedback from our reputed clients. See below.

So, this is a simple yet effective guide to convert your app idea into an android application and earn maximum. If you have any query regarding android app development, contact Space-O Technologies today.

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